IndexCub is a ready-to-use and open source program written in GNU-Octave (v4.2.1) focused on X-ray diffraction line-profile analysis

IndexCub features routines for background subtraction, whole profile smoothing, and Kα2 radiation removal, location of diffraction peaks positions, indexing for cubic specimens, multi peak separation of individual peaks, and evaluation of full-width at half-maximum and integral breadth values


IndexCub contains five main files called modules, which are used as input for the calculations

Module 1 executes background, smoothing and Kα2 removal

Module 2 performs calculations for peak detection, height and area

Module 3 performs FWHM and integral breadth calculations

Module 4 carries out  Williamson–Hall analysis 

Module 5 carries out Warren–Averbach calculation


IndexCub was published by Powder Diffraction (2019) Vol 34 (2), pp 110-118

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